Sinking low in the pit of despair
my soul was trapped in Satan's snare.
In anguish I cried, "Lord, do you really care?
Do you even hear my earnest prayer?
You seem so far away,
I can barely make it through the day.
My heart is breaking in two.
Lord, I can't make it without you!"
Then, gazing through my window pane
I heard his voice again.
The trees must have heard it too,
cause the leaves were clapping neath the sky so blue.
Robbins and bluebirds, too rejoiced
as from limb to limb they flew.
And in that glorious moment,
my spirit was renewed.
My heart had forgotten
to worship the King,
my soul, too down-cast
forgot how to sing.
But, engulfed in the beauty
of God's wondrous Creation,
I heard His voice, I saw His face,
I felt His warm embrace.
He captured my soul from the miry pit,
and chased my blues away.
He gave my heart a new song to sing,
and the courage and strength to live each day.

Sandi Staton