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A Coat of Many Colors

A Coat of Many Colors

This poem came to me one quiet morning during a moment of meditation. Suddenly, across the screen of my imagination, flashed a brightly colored robe . . . a token of Jacob’s love for his son, Joseph. This robe symbolized a position of honor and esteem. “I wish I could have known a father’s love like that,” I thought enviously. Then, like a gentle breeze, I felt the cloak of God’s love wrap around me, reminding me that I am precious to Him. All the finest and brightest treasures of this world pale in comparison to God’s unfailing, unchanging, unconditional love for humankind!

A Coat of Many Colors

With loving care and tenderness,
my Father made for me
a coat of many colors for all the world to see.
He didn't have to tell me;
I saw it in His face,
this coat of many colors must ever be worn with grace.
Threads of pure gold proclaim His birth,
purple, His royal descent.
Stripes of snow white and patches of blue
proclaim His purity, honor, and strength.
And to complete His glorious masterpiece,
He trimmed it all in red,
proclaiming the cross at Calvary
upon which His blood was shed.
Father, thank you for your wondrous gift
so precious, rich, and free,
for the coat of many colors you have made for me.
And lest in arrogance I wear your gift,
forgetting from where it came,
remind me of the price you paid,
to cover my guilt, my sin, my shame.

Sandi Staton