Our Son

He was six weeks early, sixteen inches long, and weighed 4 lb. 14 oz. A few days later he dropped down to 4 lb. 8 oz. His lungs had not fully developed, and he couldn’t keep any food down. His prognosis was grim. “Please Lord,” I prayed. “Don’t let my baby die!”

That was forty-six years ago. Today, he is a father of four, pastor of twenty years, fitness trainer, and travels around the world volunteering his time and money to rescue children from sex trafficking. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful son who loves God and has a burning desire to rescue children.

Our Son

Our Son 

God blessed us with a tiny son

that made our lives complete

the presence of this little one

is precious and so sweet

God put a twinkle in his eyes

just like the stars above

and placed a radiance on his face

that fills our hearts with love

He placed the hairs upon his head

with tender loving care

and placed a smile upon his lips

so precious and so fair

God took His time with this little one

to fill our hearts with joy

and we thank Him from the depths of our soul

for our beautiful baby boy

Sandi Staton