Fuzzy Wuzzy

Embellishmet Fuzzy Wuzzy

My creation using PaintShop Pro X6

One day a friend and I decided to run away from home. No particular reason; we just thought it would be cool. No more school. No more rules. No more big people bossing us around.

It was a hot afternoon and the sun was blazing down on our heads as if to make it so miserable that we’d give up the silly notion and go back home. But we were on a mission.

Living in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Landenberg, Pa, was a child’s paradise; a panoramic view of trees and wildlife, rolling hills, and springs trickling from gigantic rocks along narrow, winding roads. People would drive for miles to fill up their water jugs with the ice cold, crystal clear liquid.

But Jack and I had another agenda; another world to discover, another journey to begin, another life to live. At the ripe old age of nine, we were going to conquer the world!

“See that cave way over there?” I asked Jack excitedly. “A bear lives there. Let’s see if we can find him!”

The closer we got to the cave, however, the less brave we felt. It would be dark soon and the bear might not take too kindly to sharing his home with two snotty-nosed kids. Jack’s pace was getting slower and I kept trying to convince us both that it will be fine . . . we can do this.

In spite of all my bravery, I was relieved when daddy pulled up beside us.

“Where do you think you are going, young lady?” he asked sternly.

How could a grown-up ever understand the longing adventures of a child, and the relief that comes when they are rescued from a big, fuzzy bear that lives in a cave?