Digital Designs by Sandi Staton

I love Teddy Bears.

I don’t collect them, I just love them. They bring back happy childhood memories, like the time my little brother begged for a Teddy Bear one year for Christmas. He just went on and on about it till I spilled the beans to shut him up!

My son had to have a Teddy Bear too. He loved it but not enough to keep it close to his heart when he grew up. So, when he let home, Teddy stayed with me.

But my most cherished Teddy Bear is the one handed down to me. Not because he’s a Teddy Roosevelt original and worth a few dollars, or that he still has his eyes and nose, and sits like a monarch on his little antique Windsor chair. I cherish him because he was my dad’s first Teddy Bear. And every time I see Teddy, I see my dad sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper. I see him working in his shop, his hands, steady and meticulous, shaping the wood. I see his worn flannel shirt, dusty pants and brown canvas slip on shoes. I hear his voice and see him laughing, and tears streaming down his face.

And that’s why I love Teddy Bears.