The Outhouse on the Hill

Kenny followed Barbara everywhere, even to the outhouse, and waited patiently till she came out. This is one of many cherished memories stored in my heart. Barbara, my only sister, died of breast cancer at the age of fifty-seven. Kenny is my only surviving brother of four.

I enjoyed playing around with this old family photo. Hope you enjoy the end results as well as the poem I wrote in tribute to the old outhouse on the hill.

Though just a child of long ago

I remember still

The narrow crooked rocky path

And the outhouse on the hill

It creaked and groaned against the wind

And possessed an awful smell

Yet stood tall and proud beneath the trees

And served its purpose well

I like the comforts of today

And know I always will

Yet sometimes think of yesteryear

And the outhouse on the hill

Sandi Staton