Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Straight from the Heart


Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

Through this world of tears and heartaches

There’s a Friend who cares for you

Just keep your eyes on Jesus

And your journey He’ll see you through

It’s hard to see over the mountain

When your troubles come in like a flood

But if you keep your eyes on Jesus

His blessings He’ll send from above

So keep your eyes on Jesus

When the tempter comes your way

He’ll keep your feet from stumbling

And always be your stay

Sandi Staton

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The Puppy Next Door

Straight from the Heart


He was one of a litter of pups that was dropped off in the neighborhood. The little girl next door cuddled him in her arms and took him home. It was plain to see why she chose him, with his floppy ears, tiger-like stripes, and fury white chest. He was so cute just sitting there staring at us as we backed out of the driveway. Now looking back it’s as if he was thinking, “I don’t want to be here. I want to be over there with them.”

It wasn’t long before he began greeting my husband every day after work, his tail wagging a mile a minute, jumping and playing excitedly. Being the dog lover that he is, my husband couldn’t resist playing with him. “You little rascal,” he’d laugh, “what are you doing over here?”

Soon, it was evident that he no longer cared to live next door…

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No More Autumn, No More Rain

Straight from the Heart

Fall Scene A

No More Autumn, No More Rain

Beneath the covers and snow white sheets

her body lay so frail and weak

Wasn’t it just yesterday she was young and strong

laughing and singing a happy song

I don’t like Autumn she told me one day

because everything dies and withers away

Into the night the angels came

with the Autumn leaves and falling rain

Now it’s Springtime forever in heaven so grand

as she strolls with the Savior hand in hand

She’s happy I know where she’s free from pain

and there’s no more Autumn no more rain

Sandi Staton

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Straight from the Heart



When darkness falls and shadows lurk

beneath the moonlit sky

When gusty winds turn icy cold

and bats begin to fly

When trees like monsters twist and bend

and hover overhead

When moans and howls pierce your soul

and all the earth seems dead

When your pounding heart nearly bursts

within your heaving chest

And your blood curdling screams and frightful shrills

are choking you to death


Sandi Staton


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Seeds of the Heart

Straight from the Heart


  Harvest Time

Seeds of the Heart

If you want to reap a harvest

of happiness and joy

 Plant with hardy seeds of  love

that nothing can destroy

Pull out the weeds of bitterness

that creep within your heart

And weeds of hate and anger and rage

that rip the soul apart

Water your harvest every day

with patience tolerance and peace

And brighten with a sunny smile

and a beautiful harvest you will reap

Sandi Staton


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The Haunted House

Straight from the Heart

Haunted House

Admit it. There’s something in the core of our being that is drawn to abandoned houses, dilapidated mills, and old barns. At least it was for my brothers and me. As kids, we’d ride our bikes through narrow, wooded country roads searching for a deserted house. One sunny afternoon, we hit the jackpot! Even now I can see it sitting far off the road, Its sagging roof nearly hidden by trees, vines, and tall weeds. Even in the sunlight, the house appeared dark and sinister, its broken windows, like hollow eyes, glaring intently. In spite of the overwhelming feeling that we shouldn’t be here, the sound of stones hitting the house, and a radio playing upstairs, we climbed the rotting steps and slowly opened the creaky door. Suddenly, crows cawed overhead, as if warning us to turn around and run for our lives. Of course, that was all part of…

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Find Your Own Voice

Straight from the Heart

Be Who You Are

From the moment we pop our head into the world we are subservient to the voices of others. Our thinking and choice-making skills have not yet developed. We learn to depend on what we see and hear, what we are told and how we should act. Right or wrong, that’s all we know.

In a healthy environment of trust and patience and love and encouragement, a child feels valued, and that his voice, no matter how small and feeble, is heard. He can spread his delicate wings and fly without fear of being shot down and stomped for trying. He can follow his dreams, make his own choices . . . find his own voice.

If only that were true for every child born. If only their cries were heard above the screams of selfishness, manipulation and control of the world in which they live. If only they were given a morsel of love and encouragement, a crumb of understanding, a drop of trust, they wouldn’t feel so hurt, so angry and…

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Encouragement is the Oxygen of the Soul (John Maxwell)

Straight from the Heart

Lady Bugs Trio1

In today’s hectic world of computers, cell phones, and video games, we have a tendency to ignore the ones sitting in the same room with us. The ones who want a real, eyeball to eyeball conversation. The ones who need to know that we value their thoughts and concerns. The ones who want to scream, “Will you PLEASE shut that thing off and pay attention to me?!”

People need encouragement today more than ever before. Just a smile, a hug, a phone call, a genuine, “How is your day going today?” is food for the weary soul.

I’ve been going through a tough time the past few weeks; a time of uncertainty, anger and grief. Finally, I shared it with a dear friend who gave me words of wisdom and encouragement. That was all I needed to get me back on track; to refocus and see the light at the…

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