Bees by Fodrambler

Bee by FidramblerTo Bee, Or Not To Bee

The first time I got stung was on my thumb by a yellow jacket. I thought I had been electrocuted! When my arm swelled twice its size all the way to my elbow, I thought I was going to die! Of course I was only twelve and a little mellow dramatic, but I was really scared! I do think bees are pretty, though, especially when they’re frozen in a picture and can’t get me.

 My creation using PaintShop Pro X6, fodrambler’s photography, psp tubes, and lots of layers, texture, and special effects.

Bee By Fodrambler 1Hide n’ Seek Bee

Here is another photo by fodrambler. I kept the design simple to focus more on the bee. He sure is a handsome fellow.

Bee By FodramblerSimple Pleasures

I posted this in an earlier post but thought this little guy would enjoy being with his friends.

Thanks again, Colin, for allowing me to use your photos in my digital designs.