Gideon Valor Staton . . . Meeting the Family

Gideon Valor Staton . . . Meeting the Family

A baby goes through a lot. First, he spends nine months in the womb where it’s nice and warm and safe. He just eats, sleeps, and grows.Then when it’s time, he wiggles through the tiny birth canal only to be greeted with a big pair of hands, bright lights, and a cold delivery room. If that isn’t enough, he gets a slap on the behind, the umbilical cord is cut, his nose and mouth get suctioned out, he’s weighed and bathed, and wrapped tightly in a warm blanket. After all that he’s too tired to nurse, so he takes a nap. But people keep waking him up; bouncing him on their lap, touching him, passing him around. It’s no wonder all babies want to do is sleep!