It’s a Frog’s Life

I like frogs. Even toads covered in warts. They remind me of my childhood days. Like when my brothers and I collected tadpoles in gallon jars. And like being scared to death of being peed on by a toad and getting warts. And like the times it seemed to rain hoppy toads; hundreds and hundreds of hoppy toads. And like the time a frog got caught between the blades of the old-timey push mower. I got him out and together my friend and I placed him on a clean napkin, doctored his belly with Mercurochrome and a band-aid and prayed he’d get better. Then there were those bullfrogs. Those huge critters you could put a saddle on and ride!

Following are ten before and after frog picture tubes that I downloaded from the internet and used in my digital designs.

This little guy reminds me of my husband. He’s always up in the middle of the night looking for something to eat. He wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of pajamas though. Especially a pair with hearts all over them!

As you can see, I changed the color and texture on this little guy. I began with the frog (picture tube). I then added a picture frame, shadows, snow, color and texture. I merged all the layers, then using several of my favorite tools, I played around with more color and texture till I was happy with the final results.

Most all my designs contain one or more picture frames as well as a thin border. It’s a good starting place for my digital designs.

Well, that’s it. Thanks for stopping by!