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Misty Angel

Misty Angel
Misty Angel

One thing I will never be is an angel. I’ll never be a devil either, although I come closer to being a devil than an angel sometimes. I’m too human to be anything but what I am: an imperfect soul living in an imperfect world striving to be the best I can be. I don’t always make it through the day without getting my feathers ruffled. I don’t always feel like smiling. And I don’t always want to be around people. They get on my nerves. I get on their nerves too, just ask my husband. I really get on his nerves. Sometimes I mean too, though. But I’m just playing around with him. He hates pickles. I love pickles and wave them under his nose just to hear him holler. And I hide his TV remote control. Every morning he gets up and asks, “Alright. Where did you hide my control?” It’s a game we play. Sometimes I forget where I hid it and we both end up looking for it! And he hates anything cold on him. You ought to see him jump when I flick cold water on his bare back. But the most annoying thing I do is pop my gum. Not crack my gum, pop my gum. Real loud. So loud the dog runs into the other room thinking he’s being shot at. So yeah. I’ll never be an angel. I’m way too devilish to even try!

I spent the biggest part of the day designing the following angel. I forgot to mention that I’m a perfectionist. Another thing that gets on my husband’s nerves!

I began with this picture tube that I downloaded from the internet. That was the easy part. I could never make a tutorial because I change my mind too much about the look I want. Sometimes I change everything so much that I delete it and start over. In this design I applied many layers, texture, a moon, flowers, sparkles, picture frame, border, and special effects. Thanks for stopping by!



I've been blessed with a forty-five-year marriage, a son, four grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. I am a cancer survivor and thank God for His healing touch; physically and emotionally. Having battled depression for most of my life, music, writing, and digital design are tremendous outlets for me. I hope you enjoy your visit and that you'll come back again.