Critters in the Forest of Dean

Jew's Ears

Jew’s Ears

On November 21, 2014, Colin,, posted some interesting fungi called Jew’s Ears, or better known as Jelly Ears. I couldn’t just leave them there without the rest of their bodies. What kind of digital artist would I be if I did that? So I downloaded them, and like Dr. Frankenstein, I dug up some arms and legs and mouth’s from my files and did some serious surgery. Now they’re complete. A little weird, but complete!

As you can see, Jelly ears gave Oscar a face and Mater gave him a mouth.

Silly Bird was my first attempt using the Jelly Ears photo. With a little erasing and reshaping, one of the eyes became a beak, and the face became his body, legs and feet. I created his feathers using my mouse and RadWarp tool in PaintShop Pro X6. I kept playing around with color till I finally came up with this.

This guy wasn’t ready to be brought to life. He didn’t like his eyes. He didn’t like Mater’s mouth. He didn’t like anything. He just wanted to be deleted! But I came too far to give up on him. After I finally got his face and belly the way he half-way wanted it, I didn’t know what to do about the rest of him. So I downloaded his buddy from the internet who was kind enough to share his arms and legs with him. Thanks Junior!

As you can see, this owl emerged from the same Jelly fungus. I just added a beak, hat and legs to complete the look.

Here again I used the Jelly Fungus for my alien’s face. I borrowed other body parts from the guy standing next to him. Since I never leave anything like I found it, I fattened my alien up a little and gave him my pet Silly Bird to keep him company. I think that made him happy.

I know, this is not a critter, but I just couldn’t resist creating a cute little house from Mr. Jelly Ears. I made it, along with all the others, a picture tube. Now it’s ready to be placed in a mysterious forest, or near a trickling stream, or in a flower garden.

This Turkey Tail fungus made a pair of beautiful wings for my butterfly. The nose-like fungus was perfect for the body. Of course I had to work with it, using the RadWarp tool. After I finished designing the butterfly, I merged all the layers and distorted it slightly. Now I have one butterfly with three different looks.

So there you have it. Critters in the Forest of Dean. Thanks for stopping by!