Photos and Silly Caricatures

Since we both had been married before, Buck and I decided to get married by the Justice of the Peace. When the day finally arrived, like two excited kids, we scrambled into the cherry-red 63 Ford and headed for the courthouse. On the way there however, I applied for a job. The wide-eyed personal manager handed me the application, and laughing nervously, I blurted, “He said he wouldn’t marry me unless I got a job.”

Finally, after thirty-five years of faithful service at Drexel Heritage Furniture, hubby retired; and just in the nick of time. The company folded in 2009, putting hundreds of employees out of work. Now he sleeps late, watches ball games, and takes out the trash . . . sometimes.

I’m retired too, finally. I thought I’d be cleaning toilets till I dropped dead at the ripe old age of ninety. Fourteen years were more than long enough for me, though. Most jobs are thankless today, but custodial work is ten feet below the bottom of the totem pole. There seems to be no respect for people or property any more, and even less respect for those of us who speak up. Sorry. I had to throw that in there. Anyhow, I’m happy just to clean my own toilets . . . when the mood strikes.

Caricatures are fun to create. As long as I have willing participants, I will never run out of  creative ideas. Bookmarks and cards are always fun. Most people enjoy receiving personalized cards, even of their pets.

Each day may not always be good, but you can always find something good in each day. Even when I feel like crying, I can find something to laugh about.

Well, that’s it for today. I worked on this post for several hours yesterday, and when I posted it, it disappeared into the Twilight Zone. I finally gave up looking for it, then my computer decided to act up . . . all day long. I felt like throwing it out the window! Finally, after restoring it four times and cleaning up my files, it’s behaving much better today. But I never found the disappearing post.

Thanks to all who visit and like my stuff. Hope to see you again.