Respect and Trust

Respect and Trust

There’s a killer on the loose

and his name is Me.

Me is selfish and mean,

lies, cheats and steals,

drinks and drives,

and shakes his fist at God.

Me smiles to your face

while stabbing you in the back.

Me rapes and murders love and respect.

Me doesn’t care who he hurts.

Me only cries for himself.

Me thinks he’s got the world in his hands.

But Me is a miserable, wretched soul.

I feel sorry for Me,

but I will never respect or trust him.

Sandi Staton

Digital Photo Painting

Using Paint Shop Pro 2019, I turn ordinary photos into works of art. I also create picture tubes, bookmarks, Facebook Covers, cards, tags, and more. I don't sell my art, therefore, all my creations are free for your own personal use.

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