It’s Not Just a Hair Thing . . .

As far back as the Dark Ages, I had this thing about hair. My dolls lived in fear, wondering which one would be next to get their hair chopped off. When I was fifteen, I started cutting my hair. But I always left enough to roll it in curlers.

Men, have you ever tried sleeping in these things? It’s like laying your head on a pile of rocks. I tried sleeping sitting up, hanging my head over the side of the bed, tossing and turning all night long trying to get comfortable. Finally, I came up with a solution.

The hair dryer from Mars. Worked like a charm. When my hair was dry, I took out the stupid curlers and went to sleep.

Then there was the brushing, the teasing and styling, and cans of hairspray.

And those frizzy, Bozo the Clown perms you couldn’t comb with a garden rake.

Then came Susan Powter. Remember her? The Susan Powter TV show back in the 90’s?  Well, I’ll never forget her. The moment she strutted her skinny self across the TV screen wearing stilettos and a skimpy bikini, I fell in love. She was spirited, she was funny, she was cocky and sassy. And she was BALD! 

In that wide-eyed shocking moment I saw liberation! I saw  no more curlers. No more perms. No more curling irons setting my hair on fire. No more hours of combing and teasing and spraying and worrying about the wind and the rain and the humidity messing my hair up. I’m gonna shave my head!

It was nuts. It was insane. It was absolutely scary. But running the clippers through my hair and watching it fall to the floor was the easy part. Dealing with the unconventional choice I made took some getting used to; the gawking stares, the pointing fingers and whispers. I found the whole thing rather amusing, even laughed out loud when strangers asked me if I was sick, and when children asked if I was a girl. But the funniest of all was when a woman, assuming that I had cancer and undergoing treatment sympathetically told me to keep up the good fight!




Caricatures . . . More Inner People

img393 A martian with green hair and antennas would have fit into society better than I did growing up. Having red hair and freckles didn’t help much either. I was targeted for torment and ridicule throughout school, even by the teachers. I didn’t understand such blatant cruelty. I just knew how ugly and stupid I felt.

Makeup covered my freckles but it couldn’t cover the ugly scars etched deeply in my heart. I was wounded for life . . . till many years later I looked deep inside and decided to love myself . . . warts and all

Art and music help me communicate my feelings that I can’t always express with words. That’s why I enjoy creating caricatures so much. I can be who I’ve always wanted to be but was too afraid.

So here’s to my “coming out” party . . .

Caricature Sandi 8AThe first time I saw this photo I wanted to burn it. But I decide to create a caricature from it instead . . .

Next Halloween I’m gonna set Maggie on a broom and turn her loose.

Caricature Sandi 7Bert is my emotional body guard. She’s rough and tough and doesn’t take hurt and abuse from anyone any more.

Ginger wanted to be a hairstylist so she went to Beauty School. However, between working a full-time job and raising a family, she decided that all she really wanted was to be a stay-at-home mom. So she quit both job and Beauty School and never looked back.

Matty is an introvert. She likes playing the piano and spending hours at the computer. Like her dad, she doesn’t care for social gatherings, hates drama, and would rather have a tooth pulled without an anesthetic than be in a crowded room.

Alexandria is an artist. She sees beauty in everything, even a frog with warts.

Karen is an idealist. She believes that everyone should work as a team, follow the rules, and never harm a living thing.

Sondra carries her heart on her sleeve. When she was a child and someone looked at her cross-eyed she’d cry, and cry, and cry . . . .

Finally, Dee-Dee, as her grandchildren call her, is the one I’ve come to love. She’s soft and gentle, fun and playful, honest and true. She’s been through Hell and back trying to figure out who the heck she is. Now that she knows she’s living the rest of her life happy and content just being herself.

Well that’s it for now. Best wishes from me and all my people.

Below are the photos that I used to create my caricatures. Thanks for stopping by. All likes and comments are appreciated.