Birds of the UK . . . Digital Art

Although many people will draw their sword in a heartbeat on anyone who uses one of their photos, Colin is very generous to share his beautiful work with the world. I enjoy and appreciate his blog,

Following are photos of birds that Colin posted and I downloaded them to use in my digital designs.To create this picture, I erased the entire background of the photo, added a picture frame, flowers from a photo Colin posted, and lots of layers and special effects. Anyone who reads Colin’s posts knows that he is trying to get this robin to eat from his hand. He’s just inches away from winning the little guy’s trust.As you can see, I never leave a photo in its original state. I enjoy playing around with different effects jut to see what I can come up with. That is the art of learning.Buzzard. The mere word stirs up unpleasant images of scavengers feasting on roadkill. They give me the creeps. But they are beautiful birds.And finally, this little guy telling Colin it’s time to eat.

Thanks to Colin for the photos and for everyone for stopping by.