The Deep, Dark Dungeon

Hope in the Darkness

Into the darkness You came

You whispered my name

You took my hand

And the journey began

Down the steep dingy stairwell

Into the dungeon of my soul

Where I dare not tread before

And I was afraid

From the shadows of the past

I saw glaring eyes

Angry faces

Backs turned

Arms crossed

The condemning screams

Pierced my heart

Shattered my soul

Rocked my world

I felt worthless



And I wept

I wanted to turn back

Then I felt Your gentle nudge

And we moved on

To the bottom of the stairs

Where I saw a tattered little girl

Gazing into a hazy room

Where her dad sat

Like a corpse

Staring into the abyss

Unaware of her tears

Her pain

Her longing to sit on his lap

To sink into his arms

To feel his heartbeat

His love

His protection

From the angry world in which she lived

But he never looked her way


Her eyes streaming with tears

She slowly turned around

And there He stood

Like a gentle Giant

Shining like the sun

Smiling down at her

Whispering her name

She stumbled to Him

 Collapsed into His open arms

And cried

And cried

And cried

And there at the bottom of the stairs

Of the dungeon of my soul

I traded my unloving dad

For a Dad who has always loved me

I just couldn’t see it before

I couldn’t believe it

I couldn’t feel it

But now I do