Enough With the Commercials Already!

Commercials are like a bunch of loud, obnoxious, overbearing bullies with guns and baseball bats. They scream in my ears, insult my intelligence, and drive me insane. During one string of commercials I could cook a full coarse meal before the show begins again. By then, I either forgot what the heck I was watching or out of the mood.

It’s just wrong for the advertisement industry to have so much power and control. It’s wrong for people to have to pay an arm and a leg for cable and not enjoy commercial-free programs. It’s wrong and it’s a big fat rip-off.

As much as I enjoy watching “Love it or List it” and many other programs, I refuse to watch them. I refuse to be raped by one more stupid commercial.

Thankfully, TV doesn’t rule my life. I can even live without it if I have to. But I do enjoy watching a few programs with my husband in the evenings, so we watch Netflix. Commercials don’t raise his hackles sky high like they do mine, but he enjoys commercial free programs as well as I do.

 The money making industry is always striving, always competing, always greedy and wanting more than their fair share at any cost to anyone. That really bothers me and I refuse to be a pawn in their games whenever possible.

TV Commercials should be more regulated out of good common sense and courtesy to the viewer. At least, that’s what I think.

I’m curious to know your intake on TV commercials.