He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. ~ Psalm 147:3

Bradford’s in all their glory.

We thought it would be cool to line both sides of our driveway with Bradford Pears. They’re beautiful, right? And fast growing and create lots of shade, too.

When we moved here thirty-plus years ago, it was a fairly new development. Farm land, to be exact. Hilly and treeless except for a few cedar trees the developer didn’t bulldoze down. Oh, and several Honey Locust trees with long, sharp thorns. Messy, too. Every time the wind blows, limbs fall all over the ground. But they bloom in the spring and create some shade, so we like them okay. We just have to be careful when we prune them. Those stickers hurt!

But the Bradford is a real beauty and laden with white flowers like cotton balls in the early spring. One of the first to sprout new leaves and one of the last to lose them. Perfect for any yard.

Until rain turns to ice.

Now, we want to have them all cut down, but that will cost a small fortune. No worries, though. From the looks of things, we can just wait and let nature take them down for free.

We’ve planted many trees in the yard over the years: Pin Oaks, Maples, Hybrid Poplars (big mistake. The Poplars grow fast but die young), but the Crepe Myrtles are my favorite. They’re not messy, their leaves are small, they’re easy to prune, and they bloom from early summer to late fall. Very friendly trees. Beautiful, too.

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  1. Ice does so much damage. It’s a shame, they are pretty.

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  2. I have a great love for trees and I had a tree years ago at another house that blossomed in spring and was at its best for a few weeks and then all the blossom fell from the tree like confetti and covered the driveway. It was worth the trouble it caused just for its beauty. I do hope you don’t cut down your trees 😟

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    • Thanks, Elaine. But those trees have to go. I will leave the Crepe Myrtles but the Bradford’s are too big and messy and even stretch over into our neighbor’s yard. When I was younger, I could keep them cut back Besides, the roots have caused costly damage to the driveway. And every time we have an ice storm I’m afraid that more Bradford’s will fall across the driveway. They’re pretty, but they’re not safe for us or our neighbors.

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