He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. ~ Psalm 147:3

Hubby and I worked our butts off yesterday finishing the master bath. He went to bed at four this morning and I went to bed at six. Crazy, I know. But we got it done without killing each other . . . our tortured bodies are doing it for us.

Call our method slap-hazard, poor planning, totally disorganized and I will have to agree with you. Wholeheartedly. Right now I would win the Nobel Prize for worst house keeper of the year. The dogs are confused, I’ve done lost my mind, and hubby’s ready to leave me for the beach. Where he can sit and fish all day. In peace and quiet. Without a dragon lady breathing fire down his back every second.

It’s been tough on us both. My crack-the-whip, get-er-done temperament clashes with his laid back-what’s-the-rush temperament. He likes procrastinating. I like getting things done. NOW!

So our worlds clash.

No. They collide. They blow up and disintegrate.

I think he’s from Mars. He wishes I’d go there.

He thinks we’re going to live forever. I think we could drop dead any minute.

Seriously. This renovation has brought the devil out in both of us. If we didn’t have a solid forty-seven-year, happy relationship it would be ending in divorce.

Thank goodness, we only have one more room to go, and we’re finished. But, first, we are going to clean up the messes we made and create some sense of order before we tackle that room. The beginning of next month is the plan. In the year 2020. Not 2021. Not 2022. But 2020.

You got that hubby?

Here are some before and after photos of the bathroom we just completed along with the messes we have yet to clean up. Fasten your seat belts. It’s going to be a bumpy ride . . .


Comments on: "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Renovation still in progress" (16)

  1. Let me know what you are donating…I may want it. Hang in there, Dragon Lady…you can make it now., What I have seen in the other rooms, it has been worth it. You both are talented. Love you Connie

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  2. Whatever made you do every room at once 🤯 that honestly would have killed me, I’m a want it now type of woman. Anyway the bathroom looks brilliant 😄

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    • Our plan was to do it all in a matter of a few months. But, we didn’t expect it to take so much out of us. I’m pretty healthy, but my husband is diabetic with other health issues. He tires easily and can’ move as fast as he used to, I can’t either, but I can go longer than he can. We’re closer than we were to being finished and we will NEVER take on anything like this again. We’ll just sell the house and move!

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  3. One more room, not two but just one, if my back holds up! Thanks for your help and support! LOVE YA!

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  4. The bathroom looks great. One more room? You’re almost there.

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