Our Sweet Miracle Boy

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 123357725_3693694740642938_4345127814665421684_o.jpgThis is Micahia and this is his mother’s story she posted on Facebook on Nov. 13, 2020. With her permission, I share her story with you . . .


Today I wanted to share with you all the miracle of Micaiahs birth:

On Friday, October 30th everything started as usual. I got up for my morning relief but my pee was weird; it kept coming out in little gushes every time I stood up. I had a feeling something was off but I just continued the morning as usual. I drove Gideon to school, dropped off Abi and Phin, but something told me to get some advice. So I called a girlfriend who’s studied to be a doula and told her what was up. As I suspected she said my water was leaking and I needed to make plans.

Well, my plans were to ignore it because I had been booked to do makeup for a huge wedding party the next day and I couldn’t put this bride out like that. After another hour and another pad soaked through, I realized it really was time and this little guy was making his way 3 weeks early.

I called my bride, found her back-up makeup artist, and then called Brandon and said, “well I think you need to pack the hospital bag and come meet me, but first I need to vote.” I had to hit up 2 different voting locations because apparently I wasn’t registered in my county anymore. Crazy story y’all. This election couldn’t have been more difficult.

I finally got registered and the lovely folks at the poll place let me skip the line when they realized I was in labor. Then, Brandon and I were off to Labor and Delivery.

Up until this moment, I had extreme anxiety about delivery. I’ve had two natural births before but there was something about the uncertainty of being at a new hospital with a new doctor. We arrived at L&D and were met by the most amazing staff of nurses and midwives. They confirmed yes indeed I didn’t pee on the floor but my water was broken and I was 4cm dilated.

I knew we were in for a long day because I refused to be rushed with drugs to evacuate this sweet guy. I was given the rundown of all the things we would do worst-case scenario but was told to try getting labor started on its own.

Up to this point, I hadn’t had a single contraction. So I began walking, bouncing, and pumping and soon the contractions came. We were finally moved to our birthing suite around 3:00 pm where I continued pumping, bouncing, and walking. Around 5:00 pm, I felt a wave hit and I knew it was time to prepare mentally for the push. I labored with Brandon alone for a few hours; even ordered dinner hoping it would arrive before Micaiah.

At 7:00 pm, I told Brandon I needed the tub started because I was transitioning. The nurses asked, “Are you sure?” That’s a serious word to which I replied, “yes! Yes, I’m sure!

We did the tub thing with waves of contractions hitting my back but these ladies knew what they were doing and were beyond supportive giving me counter pressure and encouraging me the entire time. I did indeed scream for drugs to which they replied, “Nicci you can do this! You’ve done this before. You were made for this”.

Then came the vomit! Brandon decided to eat his General Tso’s before it got too cold and our sweet baby boy arrived and the aroma from his Tso’s filled the room making both me and our pregnant midwife nauseous!  After throwing up 3 times in the bathtub I yelled, “Get me out of here!”.

We tried a few more positions; squatting, sitting on the toilet, and then laying sideways on the bed with assistance.

Y’all that was the winner. After 20 minutes and 4 pushes that sweet boy was here. And I didn’t scream like the exorcism this time. Apparently, that doesn’t help.

Sweet Micaiah was born Oct. 30, 2020, at 10:03 pm weighing 6 lbs 3oz and 19” long. But the miracle is he was born with an extremely long umbilical cord that had a True Knot ( two knots ) and was completely white! True Knots only happen in 2% of pregnancies and normally if not caught leads to stillbirth due to the baby not receiving oxygen and nutrients. My sweet Micaiah would not have survived if he hadn’t come early. But praise the Lord my body knew and our sweet miracle baby is here!