Just Lock Me Up and Throw Away the Key!

Straight from the Heart

I sat on the edge of the sterile, paper-lined examining table, laughing at my husband’s silly jokes, my mind racing like a team of runaway horses. My husband accuses me of never being able to sit still for five minutes without jumping up and doing something.

A brief knock at the door and the doctor walks in, shaking his head and rolling his eyes playfully. Laughing nervously, I said, “Yeah, I know. Just cut off my head and be done with it!”

He sits in the chair across the room, crosses his long legs and patiently begins his interrogation. I look at my husband for comfort, wishing we were at the beach or the Bahamas; anyplace but here.

Finally, satisfied that I had answered all his perplexing questions accurately, he has a diagnosis: Borderline Personality Disorder.

Great! Not only do I feel crazy, I am crazy!

Suddenly, it all started…

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2 thoughts on “Just Lock Me Up and Throw Away the Key!

  1. I remember so well the ‘hiding’ the real me because of depression. When people know, many of them choose to ‘walk away’… They don’t know how to respond… I may be free of that terrible ‘pit’ that held me captive for so many years… but my tendency still seems to be to ‘hide’ some of the real ‘me’… Diane

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    1. I understand. I still feel I must hide my true feeling from some people because of lack of trust. I don’t think we’ll ever be completely free till we leave this old earth behind and enter heaven.

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