Fallen Angels in Disguise

Straight from the Heart

The scariest part about the pain shooting from my butt all the way down my leg was the long, bumpy ride to the hospital. Hubby wanted to drive me, but my pea brain thought I’d get quicker and better service if I was taken by ambulance.

Twenty long, agonizing minutes later, we arrived at the ER.

And there they were. My loving, compassionate angels of mercy waiting to cover me with warm, fuzzy blankets and whisk me away to a happy, sunshiny room and pump me full of painkillers. No waiting for my number to be called. No crying and begging and pleading for help.

And there’s my room. My sad, cold and lonely little room where I was wheeled on a bed of nails and left writhing in pain to freeze to death.

Where are my people? My angels of mercy? My warm blankets? My painkillers?

The only comfort…

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3 thoughts on “Fallen Angels in Disguise

  1. What a horrible experience… What happened to compassion… caring and helping those who aren’t dying maybe, but needing help… Is our system becoming so nonchalant now ? I have had a similar experience but not as bad as yours’… It’s disheartening… Diane


    1. I will never go to the ER again unless I’m dying! I am finding out more and more that old people in America don’t matter as much as we did when we were younger. The older I get the more dispespected I feel. We live in a spoiled rotten “ME” society that allows no room for old people.

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