Fizz . . . Love Connection

Digital Designs by Sandi Staton

Digital Designs by Sandi Staton

Colin,, is not the owner of Fizz. She belongs to his landlord. But, if you look closely at the two of them in this photo, you can see her heart belongs to him.


Fizz . . . The Little Rebel

Digital Designs by Sandi Staton

Digital Designs by Sandi Staton

At first glance, Fizz appears submissive, humble, and obedient. Take a closer look. Don’t you see the daredevil flicker in her eyes?

Fizz . . . Charming and Sweet

Digital Designs by Sandi Staton

Digital Designs by Sandi Staton

For those of you who don’t know, Fizz is a sweet, charming little Shih Tzu from the UK. She is Colin’s,, little side kick that he takes with him on his adventures through the woods photographing flowers and bees and anything else that strikes his interest. He is kind enough to allow me to use Fizz in my digital designs. I just love her. She almost feels that she belongs to me. I think my next dog will be a Shih Tzu and I’m gonna name her Fizz!


Fizz . . . A Time to Play

Fizz A Time to Play

Fizz is such a joy! If she could speak I think her words would go something like this: Wake up eager to start a brand new day. Don’t let worries bog you down. Laugh. Love. Enjoy the simple things, like playing ball, chasing butterflies, walking along a stream. Shake off an insult. Leap for joy. Be quick to forgive. And never, ever go to bed angry!

My creation using PaintShop Pro X6, and photography (Fizz) by Thanks Colin!

Fizz . . . Fall Princess

Fizz 7 Fall

Fizz is always happy. Rain or shine she’s excited to romp in the fields of the UK with her trusted friend, Colin ( She runs and jumps and plays, and even poses for the camera.

Once again she jumped into my digital design. But she was a bugger to work with. First, she wanted in the grass, then in a field of flowers, then she bounced out of that one and into a pile of leaves. Finally she decided on being a Fall Princess. I’m just happy she stayed put somewhere!

I hope you enjoy my digital design using PaintShop Pro X6, psp tubes, lots of layers and special effects, and photography (Fizz) by Thanks Colin!