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Gideon Valor Staton . . . Mommie’s Little Boy

Gideon Valor Staton, Mommie's Little Boy

There’s nothing like being a new mom. Nothing like the joy of holding her baby for the first time after months of anticipation, and the fear of labor. Nothing like kissing his tender cheeks, holding him close, and basking in the joy and happiness of being his mom. What a great honor and privilege!

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Gideon Valor Staton . . . Precious

Gideon, Precious

Babies are fragile

So handle with care

Be loving and patient

And do not despair

When you’re frazzled and exhausted

With the cries in the night

And the changings and feedings

Seem a laborious blight

Remember the joy

Your little one brings

And the way his laughter

Makes your heart sing

So hold him close

To your throbbing heart

Make him feel happy and safe

And your many frustrations and fears and doubts

Will suddenly all be erased

Sandi Staton


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Gideon Valor Staton . . . On Cloud 9

On Cloud 9

Because my son was premature, I couldn’t even hold him for two weeks. When the hospital finally called and said I could bring him home, I couldn’t get there fast enough. He was so tiny and fragile I thought he would break if I picked him up. On the way home I couldn’t keep my eyes off him. When we got home, I rocked him all night long! I’ll never experience that moment again, but I can recapture it through the joy beaming on my grandson’s face.

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Fizz . . . Fall Princess

Fizz 7 Fall

Fizz is always happy. Rain or shine she’s excited to romp in the fields of the UK with her trusted friend, Colin ( She runs and jumps and plays, and even poses for the camera.

Once again she jumped into my digital design. But she was a bugger to work with. First, she wanted in the grass, then in a field of flowers, then she bounced out of that one and into a pile of leaves. Finally she decided on being a Fall Princess. I’m just happy she stayed put somewhere!

I hope you enjoy my digital design using PaintShop Pro X6, psp tubes, lots of layers and special effects, and photography (Fizz) by Thanks Colin!


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Bees by Fodrambler

Bee by FidramblerTo Bee, Or Not To Bee

The first time I got stung was on my thumb by a yellow jacket. I thought I had been electrocuted! When my arm swelled twice its size all the way to my elbow, I thought I was going to die! Of course I was only twelve and a little mellow dramatic, but I was really scared! I do think bees are pretty, though, especially when they’re frozen in a picture and can’t get me.

 My creation using PaintShop Pro X6, fodrambler’s photography, psp tubes, and lots of layers, texture, and special effects.

Bee By Fodrambler 1Hide n’ Seek Bee

Here is another photo by fodrambler. I kept the design simple to focus more on the bee. He sure is a handsome fellow.

Bee By FodramblerSimple Pleasures

I posted this in an earlier post but thought this little guy would enjoy being with his friends.

Thanks again, Colin, for allowing me to use your photos in my digital designs.

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Home Sweet Home

It’s not that I don’t have photos of my own to use in my designs, I just enjoy using Colin’s (, better known as fodrambler. His blog is very interesting and amusing. With his permission, I have used his photos of Fizz, his furry sidekick. Today I have designed around a beautiful farmhouse that Colin posted. After a little cropping and erasing and adding a few picture tubes, I came up with the following design. Thanks, Colin!

Home Sweet Home (Fodrambler)