Fantasy Land . . . Digital Art

196As most of you know, I enjoy working with Colin’s ( photos. I also enjoy fantasy; that magical world that lives in my brain and beckons me when I feel like running away, like yesterday. And the day before . . . and the day before that. Fantasy LandYou can’t see him, but Zooky, my faithful pet dragonfly, always awaits me just inside this mystical place. excitedly, I climb his sleek, jeweled back (I’m very tiny) and together we fly to worlds unknown; deep into the forest of peace and tranquility where the woes of the world disintegrate into fairy dust. Okay, enough of that. I guess you’re wondering what the heck this is . . .It’s an angel, silly, thanks to one of Colin’s mushroom photos and a little digital manipulation. I think mushrooms make beautiful angels don’t you?I know you know what this is . . .another angel. I wonder if Colin saw her when he snapped the picture of this beautiful flower.

See how much fun Fantasy Land is? So much better than the real world . . . well, almost. It’s a nice place to visit, but I don’t want to live there.

Well, you’ve reached the end of another post. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks so much for stopping by and clicking the little like button. Oh, and for leaving a much-appreciated comment.

One more thing before signing off. Any of you digital artists out there are welcome to use any of my designs. All my embellishments are PSP tubes with a transparent background and are free for your own personal use. I’d like to see your handiwork!

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