I Want More of This and Less of That

I got a makeover today. I asked the makeup artist to make my eyes look bigger, my nose to look smaller, and my lips to look fuller. Yeah, I’m just clowning around. But how many of us are never satisfied with our looks? As a kid, I used to sit for hours drawing before and… Continue reading I Want More of This and Less of That

Second Chance

I wonder, did the tree cry when Eve plucked its forbidden fruit? Did it sob with grief; cry out to the universe of the treacherous crime she committed? Did the luscious fruit writhe with pain between the jaws of death? Did it mourn for the woman who so brazenly murdered her soul? Did the flowers… Continue reading Second Chance

A Child’s Tea Party

  Sitting in the large Victorian parlor with its high ceilings and antique furniture, was my grandmother and four of her dearest friends. Being a part of such classy women with their braided buns and hair nets and ankle-length dresses was the highlight of my growing up years. Sometimes I would sit at my table and color,… Continue reading A Child’s Tea Party

For the Love of a Canine

Passing cage after smelly cage, dog after sad-eyed dog, My hopes, like fat droplets of rain splattering to the dingy floor, I thought we’d never find the one. I wanted to leave. Then we spotted her Curled in a ball like a lonely forsaken fawn on a thin ragged blanket In the middle of the large, cold and… Continue reading For the Love of a Canine