From Damnation to Redemption

Sugar and spice and everything nice That’s what Eve was made of And placed in the Garden of beauty and charm To bask in the warmth of God’s love Then along came a serpent so charming and sweet With a hellish mission in mind To crush and destroy the apple of God’s eye And to… Continue reading From Damnation to Redemption

Second Chance

I wonder, did the tree cry when Eve plucked its forbidden fruit? Did it sob with grief; cry out to the universe of the treacherous crime she committed? Did the luscious fruit writhe with pain between the jaws of death? Did it mourn for the woman who so brazenly murdered her soul? Did the flowers… Continue reading Second Chance

Letter to Mom

Hi mom, Been thinking a lot about you lately. And because I’m much older now, I have a better understanding of the sacrifices you made for me; the hours you poured into making my pretty dresses, cooking my favourite meals, and buying my first accordion. When you bought me a brand new one several years later, I… Continue reading Letter to Mom

True Love

Growing up, without saying a word, my dad taught me men are not to be trusted. They sleep late, work when they feel like it, and treat women like dirt; expecting them to do everything, be everything, and keep their mouth shut. That’s when anger gave birth to the Incredible Hulk. That’s when a sweet,… Continue reading True Love