A Prayer for Our President







I kneel before you, Lord,

Appalled at the vicious attacks

Made against him every single day.

Put a wall of protection around him.

Give him peace. Give him grace.

Give him wisdom and strength and courage

As he continues to do what is right,

Cleaning up the sloppy messes others so

Greedily and carelessly left behind.

Our country has been invaded with so much evil,

So much hatred and slander and murder.

And our President needs your help

To get America back on her feet.

Bless him, Lord, and may all your people

Pray, and keep on praying for him

And his beautiful family. Most of all, help him

To see his dire need of you as he continues

On his rocky, twisted presidential path.

Help him to know that you are the One

Still in control, and that you are the One

Who will see him through.

Thank you, for President Trump.

Thank you for his courage and his bravery

And his undivided love for his country.

Shut the mouths who slander against him!

Grasp the hands who wish to harm him!

Close the ears who feed on filthy lies to disgrace him.

Let justice be served and let America be great again!

Let her be victorious in spite of those

Who are so doggedly working to destroy her.

Lord, Help us all to stand behind

And faithfully pray for our President!

And thank you, Lord,

For hearing and answering my earnest prayer.




Blessings from Above
















What a pleasant surprise when our next door neighbor

Joined my husband and me on the back porch,

His face beaming, pen, and paper in hand.

Sitting in the rocker across from us, and as if

The words could hardly wait to jump out of his mouth

He pronounced, “Okay. This is what we’re going to do . . .”

And true to his word, the very next day

Two, happy-faced fellows from his church

Bravely crawled under our house with the bugs

And cobwebs and spiders and snake skins

And replaced our broken down leaky water heater

With a brand spanking new one. Paid in full!

We are still speechless, Lord.

Only you know how truly grateful we are

To you and our neighbor and his church

And the two young men who donated

Their valuable time to help us in our time of need.

It’s no surprise, coming from you,

But we’re accustomed to helping others

And not the other way around.

And you know how I despise being the one in need.

But this time, you tied my hands behind my back

opened my eyes and helped me to see the blessing

Your people received from you by obediently helping us.

The pond in our front yard is slowly drying up

And we now have the hottest water we’ve had in weeks.

Thank you, Lord, for always being faithful to your Word

And for putting people in our lives who are willing

To be your feet and hands to shower us

With blessings from above.



Real Love










It was the worst argument ever!
My husband, sitting in his big black
Fake leather recliner, suddenly
Metamorphosed into the Incredible Hulk.
Not to be outdone, I parked my broom,
Plopped on the couch
And began shaking my long,
Crooked finger from across the den.
The battle of the wills was vicious.
Like being in a house of horrors,
Angry words went flying around and
Screeching like a bunch of demented bats.
Even the dog ran and hid.
I couldn’t take it anymore.
I grabbed my broom and flew out the door.
I almost went back, afraid of driving
Without a license, but I didn’t.
Stupid wasn’t out of my system yet.
I needed to run away. Be by myself.
Just like I did as a kid when the screaming
And shouting began at home.
Run and keep running till I collapsed
Under a tree and cried a puddle of tears,
Wishing I never had to go back home again.
Since it was too hot and I’m too old to run,
I hesitantly took the car.
There was no place in mind I wanted to go,
just away. I wasn’t liking my husband
Very much right then, and I even wanted
To crawl out of my own skin.
I pulled into a vacant lot surrounded by trees,
Under the shade, far away from people
And cars and cops. And there I finished
Spilling my guts to the glaring windshield,
The dusty dashboard, the trees dancing in the wind,
And the birds flying by. I think God was there too,
Reminding me that life is too short
And we’ve been married so long
And the argument was completely fruitless
And that I push too hard, expect too much,
And my husband can’t take it anymore!
“But I need more help with the yard,” I bawled.
“Pulling weeds and trimming trees and bushes
Are too much for me now. And besides,
He’s the one who wanted that gigantic yard!”
Three hours and a million tears
And unanswered questions later,
I turned on the ignition and slowly
Drove back home. The long way.
Through the winding country roads
Where cops seldom tread.
I pulled into the long, tree-lined driveway,
Parked the car, and grabbing my broom,
I flew back into the house.
“Do you know what a chance you took?”
Mr. Hulk flared.
And jutting my long pointy chin toward
The popcorn ceiling I screeched,
“Jep! But right now I don’t care!”
Before the sun went down like we always do,
We talked things out, going through the I’m sorry
Scenarios and how much we hate arguing,
The shame and regret that we felt,
The hugs and kisses, reassuring one another
That we will get through these hard times of
Running short of money before the end of
Every month; that God is and will continue
Taking care of us; that the VA is going to help him
With his PTSD and the horrific nightmares,
And that I will try to be more understanding . . .
And talking and working things out
Is why we’ve been married forty-five years,
Why we haven’t left each other,
Why we haven’t killed each other,
Why we understand each other . . .
So life is short and it’s tough and unfair,
Married or single, rich or poor, young or old.
But real love always wins out in the end!

The Truth Will Set You Free!













Seek to live in my love, which covers a multitude of sins:
both yours and others’ . . .

You always know, Lord
The words I need to hear when I need to hear them;
Especially this morning as I look back
And see how hard and foolishly I labored to cover up my ugly flaws.
As a child, I remember soaking cucumber peelings in cold water
And putting them on my face to bleach out my freckles.
I remember how it hurt pinching the end of my nose with a clothespin
In high hopes of making it smaller.
When I was finally allowed, I drew on some eyebrows,
Painted my eyelashes, and smeared makeup on my face.
Everything in my world had to be perfect:
My dolls. My shoes. My roller skates. My performance . . .
I wish someone had taken the time to lead me in the right direction
Before my twisted brain told me I had to be perfect to be loved;
That the world around me doesn’t accept rejects.
I wish Someone had spoken the truth about God and His unconditional love
Before I conjured up a false face, stuffed my sensitive feelings deep inside
And wore a neon sign around my neck that shouted to the world:
Cut me, I won’t bleed!
I was young, naïve, and a Christian.
And Christians have a whole different set of rules
From the rest of the world to follow.
Christians are slow to anger,
Quick to forgive and never ever question God.
Christians turn the other cheek,
Shake the dust off their feet and suffer in silence.
Christians love their enemies and bless those who curse them.
But what my delicate ears heard was:
Christians are not human.
They never mess up.
Never get angry, never tell anyone what they really think and mean.
Christians bury their hurts, anger, and disappointments deep inside,
Let it fester and blow up in their face one day, make them lose complete control,
And forget to be careful little tongue what they say.
Christians let shame and regret scream in their ears what a failure they are,
That God is terribly disappointed and sorry He ever created them.
Christians let their failure to be perfect cast them into the arms of depression
Self-loathing and hopelessness.
At least that’s the time bomb of belief’s that blew up and shattered my world . . .
Tired of living a lie and what it was doing to me,
I sent God a whirling smoke signal of distress.
He came to my rescue, and ever so slowly and gently,
He opened my eyes to His love, His truth,
His footprints across the blazing desert of life.
He released my heavy armor of perfectionism.
He covered my naked, trembling body with his cloak of righteousness.
He bathed my tarnished heart in His forgiveness.
He lifted the world of guilt and shame off my shoulders.
He told me that I don’t have to be perfect for Him to love me,
That it is fruitless to even try.
He told me that He created me in His image,
That I am the apple of His eye,
That all the wrong in my life He can fix and make it right . . .
He’s been my daily, faithful guide ever since.
We have coffee together on the back porch.
We have long intimate talks together.
We walk together, laugh together, cry together.
But what I love the most about this amazing relationship
Is that I can lean back, kick off my shoes, and just be me!

Emergency Room Horrors










Because I could barely move and felt as if someone
Was bludgeoning my back with a baseball bat
My husband called for an ambulance
No sirens
No breaking the speed barrier
Just an ambulance
Didn’t want to alarm the neighbors
During the bumpy twenty-minute ride to the hospital
Visions of angelic faces and a big happy
Giant painkiller danced through my mind
I could just see the nurses and doctors rolling out the red carpet
Rushing to my side
Covering my writhing body with layers of warm fuzzy blankets
I could almost feel the pain ebbing away as I floated off to la la land
We arrived
But worse than the persistent pain radiating from my hip down to my toes
Was the ear-ringing slap of reality across my face!
As if plagued with leprosy
Or something even worse
I was whisked away into a cold
Isolated room with flimsy curtains for walls
Rolled onto a rock-hard bed
Covered up with a skimpy heated blanket
And left there
For hours
No angelic faces
No painkillers
No hope that I would get out of this alive
Just me
And my husband
And my pain
Three hours later
And upon my husband’s threats to gouge out someone’s eyes
An x-ray technician rushed to my side
Nearly jerked me out of bed and rushed down the hall
With me limping a mile behind him to the x-ray room
He turned around and asked
Do you want a wheelchair?
I nearly bit off my tongue to keep from screaming
Do you want a punch in the face?
And as if he hadn’t tortured me enough with his first set of pictures
Making me stand on a cold floor
Half naked
Writhing in pain
Posing in positions my body couldn’t remember ever doing
He rushed back into my room
Told me to lift my rear and shoved a board under my back
And in spite of all my groaning and crying and pleading
He shot a million more pictures
Maybe it was two
Then he left and it was just me
And my husband
And my pain
And my tears
And my wanting someone to cut off my head!
Another hour and a few more bloody threats from my husband
And a nurse charged beside my bed
Stuck a plastic cup under my nose containing one little lonely pain pill
And whispered, “Chew it up, It’ll work faster.”
The minutes dragged by
Like a one-legged old man running a three-day marathon as I lay on my side
Waiting for the stupid slothful pill to do something
Just do it!
From another curtained room I heard a man’s pitiful cries for help
Louder and louder he cried
Then came a nurse’s flippant retort,
Tell him to take a deep breath!
Now things are starting to roll
The x-ray technician came bouncing back into my room
And with a big fat smile on his face, he beamed
No broken bones!
And I wanted to pull out my long sharp pointy horns and say,
I could have told you that, Einstein!
Then came the nurse with a long needle dripping with steroid
A few crippled apologies that needed a wheelchair worse than I did
And sent me home with a chewed up pain pill that got lost somewhere
Between my mouth and my brain
And a few prescriptions that I swear were laughing at me!
Limping beside my husband down the long dark depressing hallway
He helped me into a pathetic looking chair beside a paper-cluttered desk
And hustled out the door to get the car
But Hell’s fury wasn’t done with me yet!
In front of me towered a heavyset woman wearing a brazen-faced glare
And with a resonate whip-cracking voice
She demanded that I move
Because someone else needed to sit there!

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy









Okay daddy
Since we never went on a coffee date before
Or even shared an intimate moment anywhere together for that matter
I’m taking you out
Just in my mind of course
You’d never come any other way
How about Starbuck’s?
Coffee too strong?
I forgot
Instant Nescafe’
Hot water straight from the spigot
Creamer and sugar
In that nasty coffee-stained cup
You yelled at me for thoughtlessly washing one day
Okay then
Let’s just have coffee in the kitchen
In the old house where we used to live a long time ago
Doesn’t matter to me
I just want to talk to you
And tell you that I miss you
That I love you
That I’m sorry for rebelling against you in those troublesome adolescent years
I was just a kid and didn’t understand your moody silence
Your distant stare
Your dry wit
I just thought you were picking on me
Because you didn’t like me for whatever reason
And that hurt me and made me angry
And I wanted to hurt you back
I just wish that one time you had held me in your arms
And said you were sorry for making me cry
That you had poked your head into my shattered world
To see how much I needed your encouragement
Your quiet strength
Your love and protection
You closed your eyes
You crawled into a cocoon of apathy
You wrapped it tightly with barbed wire
And I knew better than to try cutting it down
There’s so much you didn’t know about me
Like how I wanted to be a daddy’s girl
For you to tell me that I was beautiful
And smart
And funny
For you to meet my first date at the front door with a shotgun
And beat my X to a pulp the first time he hit me
When my baby was born too early and I thought he would die
I wanted you to hold me and tell me everything would be okay
But you never did
That’s okay daddy
I didn’t invite you here to condemn you
I’ve done enough of that throughout my life
I just want you to know
That in spite of not having you emotionally in my life
I learned to stand on my own two feet
I learned to not depend on praise from others
And rather drew from the well deep inside me
I learned that life is not always fair
That bad things happen to good people
That we don’t get to pick our parents
And that I didn’t need to grow up in a Mary Poppins world to find
Peace and contentment
Thank you for meeting with me today
For allowing me one fragmented moment of the rest of your time in eternity
God will continue taking over from here
Just as He has the past seventy years of my life
Before you go
I just want you to know that I’m glad you were my dad
That without realizing it
You made me determined to love my son the way I wanted you to love me
To encourage and support him
To protect him
To always be there physically and emotionally for him
And because of that
We spend precious moments together
Growing old together
Cutting up
Drinking coffee at Starbuck’s together
I couldn’t ask for more
Thanks, Daddy
Happy Father’s Day!














Sorry mom
But when it comes to worrywarts
I inherited them all from you
How well I remember you wringing your hands
Pacing the floor
Picking your fingers till they bled
I remember you dumping your worries on total strangers
And me slumping my shoulders and hanging my head in shame
I remember the panic in your eyes
When the bill collectors came knocking
And there was no money to pay
I remember daddy sitting with his head in his hands
As you yelled at him for his everlasting failures
And I remember how helpless I felt
Going to school every day
Worrying about passing my Math test
Or learning my multiplication tables
Or what the kids thought about me
Or the teachers
Or the bus driver
Or the janitor
I worried about being embarrassed in class
I worried about being sent to the principal’s office
I worried about coming home with telltale signs of red lipstick
And your shaking finger and endless sermon
I worried that I could never do anything right
That everything was spinning out of control
And no one was there to stop it
To help me understand and to trust that things will be okay
That the sky isn’t falling
That it’s just a bad break in the weather
That the thunder and lightning and torrential rain would stop
And the sun will come out again
But that never happened in my house
Or in school
Or in church
Or anywhere
Here I am, Lord
Covered with warts of worry that have controlled my life
My thinking
My belief’s
My view of the world and the people in it
And as hard as I try
I can’t stop thinking that maybe if I worry long and hard enough
The horrific things I fear will not happen
They’ll just disappear
And my world will forever be safe and secure
See how crazy I am Lord
I know you’ll take care of me
But I also know that you allow pain and difficulties in my life
And I’m afraid that you’ll take a loved one close to me
And that the grief will swallow me whole
And that I’ll be left totally alone
Consumed with these excessive
Help me, Lord
I don’t want to be like this
We’ve come so far together
And I know you’re not finished with me yet
Although I think you should be by now!
But as long as I have breath and a sound mind
And as long as I keep trusting you
I know you’ll keep wielding your big shiny knife
Cutting away my worrywarts
One ugly wart at a time

“Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?”
Matthew 6:27

Twas Best for Me












Remember when my husband and I first moved here
How I cried for weeks on end
For reasons only you could understand
Remember how trapped and isolated I felt
How uncertain and afraid
How utterly disappointed
Decades later
Sitting here on my back porch
Embracing the cool morning breeze
Watching the birds
Joy skipping through my veins
I can’t imagine living anyplace else
Thank you for making me tough it out
For locking all the windows and doors
Making it impossible for me to run
Thank you
That in spite of my kicking and screaming against you
You continued loving me
Fixing me
Teaching me
Exposing the ghosts from the past
Unveiling the woman you created me to be before I lost my way
I know I’ve been a brat, Lord
Stomping my feet
Demanding my way
Pounding my fists when I didn’t get it
But thank you for not caving in
Thank you for not striking me dead!
Thank you for your tough love
Your sense of humor
Your strong arms
Your tender heart
And thank you
That in spite of everything I thought I wanted and demanded to have
You gave what was best for me

“My precious child, It’s not for you to understand what I am doing in your life.
I just want you to trust me.” 

And That’s Enough












I have nothing to give in return for your love
For your healing touch
For your saving grace
How can I ever repay you for reaching down
And snatching my falling soul from the flames of Hell
There is nothing good in me
I’m just broken clay in your potter’s hands
That keeps jumping out
And falling down
And messing up
My love is conditional
My trust is fragile
My pride is haughty
Like a stubborn sheep
I run away
And you come looking for me
You scoop me up in your loving arms
You wipe away my foolish tears
You bind my bleeding wounds
You whisper love songs in my ears
I don’t deserve you
My heart is reckless
My emotions are dangerous
My mind is a wandering river of fear and doubt
Anxiety and worry
Tell me
How can I possibly ever repay the tremendous debt I owe

“Oh, my precious, silly child. You have your heart
your mind, body, and soul, and that’s enough.”













You are no friend of mine
I don’t even like you
Why are you picking on this little old lady
You big bully
Shame on you
You plunged a knife into my back
You gripped my heart with fear
You made me cry then you laughed in my face
You watered down my painkillers
You stole my joy
My blissful moments on the back porch
With my husband
With my dog
With God
You poisoned my morning coffee
You deafened my ears to solace
You blinded my eyes to hope
You exposed my fragility
My nakedness
My pride
You nailed me to a splintered cross of agony and defeat
The party’s over
You’ve had your fun
But you don’t own me
People are praying for me
God is helping me
And I feel you ebbing away
But before you go I want to thank you
For showing me that I am stronger than I thought
And that no matter how big you may think you are
My God is bigger
My faith is deeper
My hope is higher
Get along from whence you came
You’re cramping my style
I have a life to live
Grandbabies and great grandbabies to hold
Places to go and people to see
And you’re not welcome to tag along
So adios my torturous foe
And may we never meet again!