What’s in Your Heart?

COVID-19 has done a number on hearts around the globe. It’s made them fearful and angry, frustrated and confused. They’re impatient. Restless. Bored and lonely and just want everything to get back to normal again. At least that’s what my heart has been feeling these days. So, to help keep my mind off the bad… Continue reading What’s in Your Heart?

Say it with Pictures

My first grade teacher taught her pupils the alphabet using big flash cards with pictures. And for some odd reason, the letter S with a picture of a snake on it was my favorite one and the only one that still sticks out in my mind. So, in my case, a picture is truly worth… Continue reading Say it with Pictures

A Touch of Wimsey: Digital Art

Computers are fantastic. Till they’re not. Mine died and I had to buy a new one. Then, I had to re-install all my art programs only to discover that one of my favorite plugins, Eye Candy 4000, no longer worked. Finally, after figuring everything out, I’m up and running and will try my best to… Continue reading A Touch of Wimsey: Digital Art

Digital Art: Butterflies and Dragonflies

  Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. The Christian religion sees the butterfly as a symbol of resurrection. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life. http://www.gardenswithwings.com The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world, symbolizes change and change in the perspective of self-realization; and the… Continue reading Digital Art: Butterflies and Dragonflies

From a Mushroom to and Angel: Digital Art

I like looking at objects and seeing something else entirely. Like looking at clouds and seeing faces or a cat or a dinosaur. That’s what I did with this mushroom. Instantly I saw a beautiful dress and decided that it would look great on an angel. I created my angel using PaintShop Pro 2019. For… Continue reading From a Mushroom to and Angel: Digital Art

You Can Do Anything if You Want to Bad Enough

This is my first attempt at digital drawing. I don’t draw using a pencil and paper let alone using a mouse and a computer screen. I create most of my designs using picture tubes or photos. Sometimes, I create them using shapes and the warp tool in PaintShop Pro. That’s a lot of fun. But,… Continue reading You Can Do Anything if You Want to Bad Enough

A Crab’s Life through a Child’s Eyes

Talon, my great-grandson is six going on twenty. He is smart and quirky and extremely perceptive for his age. When he looks at you it’s as if he can see into your soul. I love this little boy. He is truly a gift! With my granddaughter’s permission, I’ve posted Talon’s written school assignment. It is… Continue reading A Crab’s Life through a Child’s Eyes

Digital Art: Owl With Many Faces

So, as I mentioned before, I like owls. I like digital art, too, and creating different effects and textures. Today, I created one owl and gave him many different faces using PaintShop pro 2019 Ultimate and lots of color and texture. I hope you enjoy Mr. Owl. Free for you to use and to share… Continue reading Digital Art: Owl With Many Faces